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Ever notice that ingredient labels suck? Companies trying to explain their products suck too. Even websites trying to explain ingredients kinda suck. Basically being a human being trying to find skincare that works and isn’t gonna jack up your face in the trial and error process, well, frankly sucks.

that’s why we created skinno

Skinno makes having a face easy by combining our fancy schmancy ingredient camera, data about your skin, and a bit of scientific rigor to help you pick the best products for you.

no more ingredient paranoia and no more guessing.

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Definitions that make sense


Without Skinno.


With Skinno.

Preservative | meth∙ill∙i∙so∙thi∙ah∙zoe∙li∙none
A common preservative which stops bacteria from forming in personal care products. It's a known allergen with restricted use in some products, so those with sensitive skin should be mindful.

The cosmetic industry has some trouble with transparency. We’re helping you see through the marketing to what really matters. #FormulaFirst #Busted

Skinno’s ingredient descriptions are backed by independent scientific studies. If information was gathered from the company or manufacturer, we let you know.

The cosmetic chemist in your pocket

Our app combines technology, cosmetic chemistry, and an esthetician into one!

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Trust issues? We get it.


Skinno was born out of an acne-prone, dehydrated AF chemist’s frustration with having to sift through websites and articles telling her that all preservatives will kill her and essential oils are god’s gift to mankind.

It literally shouldn’t be this hard for a CHEMIST (let alone anyone else) to figure out how products will affect their skin and find reputable ingredient sources without cracking open a scientific journal.

So Lisa (that chemist) grabbed her roomie Christina (a biologist) to find the best information available about ingredients. But all the good explanations were so long and scattered across blogs, journals, and websites that they weren’t helpful when people were shopping. So they decided to make the one place people can get scientifically accurate information about ingredients, without reading a 3 page article.